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Submillimeter Accuracy at Your Fingertips
↕ 16 mm
The Antilatency Tracker is the heart of our system. With a sensor fusion approach, a speed of up to 2000 measurements per second, an ultra-wide field of view, and a minimal 2ms hardware latency, we deliver exceptional tracking quality for cameras, objects, and talents.
Optics FOV
↓ 10.5 g
↔ 21 mm
Easy maintenance
Easy installation by non-qualified staff. No calibration needed.
Native multitarget mode
Any number of tracking targets and occlusion reduction with sensor fusion approach.
Multipurpose tracking
Track cameras, talents, and billboards using the same hardware.
Virtual scouting
Explore the virtual environment with VR headsets.
For green screen and LED walls
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For VP studios Big and Small
The tracker determines its position relative to the tracking area, which features a distinct layout of active IR markers. We've designed a variety of tracking area configurations to accommodate studios of diverse shapes and sizes, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of use cases.
Pillar tracking area
The infrared layout is established via vertical reference bars with three active IR markers. The pillars are positioned freely in the room. This setup is particularly well-suited for mobile scenarios or portable studio environments.
Floor tracking area
The infrared layout is established by connecting reference bars according to a specific design. EVA floor mats are employed as protective coverings for IR markers. The mats can be set up at different locations, and come in both gray and green.
Truss tracking area
The infrared layout is established via horizontal reference bars - lightweight aluminum bars equipped with three active IR markers. They are mounted onto a truss structure with elastic fasteners. This configuration is perfectly suited for VP studios.
Ceiling tracking area
The infrared layout is established by connecting markers in a series and integrating them into a suspended ceiling structure. This leaves your floor open for action. The setup is well-suited for permanent installations.
Connectivity Unleashed
Modular design for wired and wireless connection.
Our team has designed Antilatency sockets to enhance the tracker's capabilities. These sockets provide data transfer using either a wireless or a wired connection. The wireless sockets employ a low-latency 2.4GHz radio protocol, with a range of up to 10 meters. The wired sockets, on the other hand, utilize a USB cable to deliver a highly reliable connection.
Virtual Production Showreel
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Software Development Kit and Integrations
The Antilatency SDK includes plugins for Unreal Engine and Unity, as well as native C++ and C# APIs for seamless integration with various software applications. Additionally, we have collaborated with virtual production software partners to natively support Antilatency, ensuring a smooth and convenient user experience.

Setup for tracking one talent or object
Setup for tracking one camera
Universal Radio Socket
Tracking area (floor or ceiling)
sold in increments of 10 sq. m
Universal Radio Socket
Tracking area (floor or ceiling)
sold in increments of 10 sq. m
Note: if ordered without a camera tracking kit, at least 1 radio socket is needed
Default configurations for Virtual Production
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